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Crankshaft Repair
Crankshaft Rebuilding is very important part when rebuilding your engine. You never want to put an engine back together before you inspect or replace crankshaft bearings, or rod bearings.

Bearings may look good but they wear out. When your spinning your engine at 5000 RPM and a bearing goes out you could have a grenade effect inside your engine that could be costly. We can rebuild your single, twin, or triple cylinder crank. After we put new bearings, rods or new ends on. We true your crankshaft with a maximum of 0.0015 runout. We can also provide you with new cranks or rebuilt cranks if yours is beyond repair.

Crankshaft Repair Prices
Prices do not incude new parts (pto end, mag end, bearings, seals) note: Some snowmobile cranks we cannot rebuild if rod pins or center pin is broke
single cylinder cranks $50.00
twin cylinder cranks $95.00 and Up
triple cylinder cranks $120.00 and Up

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